Out of the Dark with Mandisa & Laura Williams



I am so thankful that the Lord brought me to this podcast. It's truly been life changing! Mandisa and Dr. Laura are incredibly gifted in "speaking truth in love". Their conversations are filled with biblical wisdom on mental health topics that are so needed and timely. It's encouraging, uplifting, transparent, honest, thoughtful and SO relatable. I find myself nodding and saying, "Yes and Amen!" to practically everything they share. I love Mandisa's thoughtful questions and desire to understand herself more deeply to grow and be a life-long learner. Her experiences are so relatable and hope-filled in Christ. The way she weaves in scripture to remind us of God's truth in every situation is beautiful. Dr. William's counseling experiences and articulate responses are so insightful. Her soothing voice, calm and peaceful nature is so comforting. It's like having a conversation with friends you've known all your life. They are both such gifted speakers and excellent listeners. Both women exemplify Christ-like kindness and gentleness, which I admire greatly!Side note: I started listening when this podcast first came out and couldn't get enough! Now, I'm re-listening in 2023 and sharing episodes with friends and family cause it's so good! The conversations in this show have, without a doubt, been a healing balm to my soul. It's inspired my husband and I to seek counseling by a Christian therapist and helped us grow significantly in our social-emotional health and communication skills (like being a good listener and responding with empathy). I am now starting to go to counseling for my childhood trauma and I am so thankful for the soul-healing I've already received. Thank you Mandisa and Laura!️️️ I thank God for you!

Refreshingly real!

I love listening to this podcast. I too go through seasons of deep clinical depression and struggle with using food as a comfort (and really a drug). Listening to you ladies talk about mental illness from an honest and vulnerable place and bringing it all back to the Lord is so encouraging to my heart. It can feel so dark, so lonely, so hopeless, so never-ending, but your words and voices help me not feel so alone and remind me that my Father in Heaven loves me and is with me. Please keep this up and Mandisa, you are not alone. You are brave and beautiful and such a gift to many of us.

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