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Alive and Wells with Lorna and Tauren Wells

Ep 3: Generosity

11/2/2022 01:01:40
Ep 3: Generosity
Why is it so important to be generous with what the Lord has given you?

In this week's episode, Lorna & Tauren talk about the power of generosity through the lens of their own personal experiences, taking a deeper look into what God's word says about the discipline of giving, and why the heart in which you give matters.

In this episode they cover: 

Tauren's origin with money (3:43) 

Lorna's origin with money (5:15) 

When God started working on both of their hearts around giving (6:13)

The power of taking care of the Bride of Christ (9:54)

Tauren's first experience with radical generosity (13:01)

Why the spirit in which you give matters (17:33)

When God is in it, there is no limit (20:23)

The freedom of not being bound to your budget (24:21) 

Understanding tithing (27:21)

Recognizing God's patterns and principles (29:01) 

Every pattern and principle leads us to a promise (41:03)

How to be a conduit for God's blessings to flow through (43:29)

Even when it feels like God isn't working, know that He is (53:20)

If valuable things control you, you're out of alignment (56:20)

How to systematically give (59:55)

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Alive and Wells with Lorna and Tauren Wells

Welcome into the Wells family! Listen as Lorna & Tauren share their lessons, struggles and some of the inspiring things that God has given them through their marriage, four boys and careers. In each episode of this podcast they tackle topics like marriage, parenting, careers, callings, enneagrams, rest, generosity and many more things that are core to them. Through their transparency you'll know that you're not alone in your struggles. We all know this life isn't perfect, but it can be exciting because God's in it, this is Alive and Wells! 


Revisiting Feminism and the "Housewife"

So far (as of episode 5), Lorna and Tauren's heartfelt commentary on married life and raising children have been a precious blessing. Lorna give God glory for inspiring you to start this podcast. Society does not give housewives the respect and accolades they deserve for the effort they put into raising children. Indeed, this is the single most important job of all, for not only do they raise children, these housewives are custodians of social moral principles and serve as the anchor for God's wisdom. True feminism celebrates women who indirectly contribute to the economy by raising morally productive children, rather than eschewing them for not applying their talents directly to the economy. Lorna, never feel like you gave anything up to raise kids in the way of the Lord. You're using your grace well and I have learned so much from 1 podcast about raising boys. Remember everything has its time and nothing lasts forever. Lots of love

Thank u Jesus!

I thank God for you two. Please don't stop preaching. You are a true blessing in my life.