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Alive and Wells with Lorna and Tauren Wells

Ep 4: Training Boys

11/16/2022 00:55:08
Ep 4: Training Boys
It's known that all kids are blessings, but sometimes you need a little extra help wrangling them.

In this week's episode, Lorna & Tauren give an inside glimpse into life with their four boys, all while sharing practical tips on how they raise them in a way that honors God and trains the development of each boy in their own unique way.                               

In this episode they cover: 

Some of the most common parenting issues (2:34)

Coming to the conclusion that God loves your kids more than you do (3:48)

Talking about smart devices (5:55)

Why parents should measure their responses to their children (12:04)

Approaches to the human body and the exposure of sexualization to kids (17:15)

The importance of resourcing yourself with information about the practical ways to raise kids (20:12)

Why honesty is great, but transparency is better (21:02)

How to encourage honesty in your kids (23:00)

Diving into discipline (30:49)

Why it's important not to crush your children's spirit (36:00)

Why eating, sleeping and schedules are important to consistent behavior (40:55)

How to instill confidence in your children (47:25)

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Alive and Wells with Lorna and Tauren Wells

Welcome into the Wells family! Listen as Lorna & Tauren share their lessons, struggles and some of the inspiring things that God has given them through their marriage, four boys and careers. In each episode of this podcast they tackle topics like marriage, parenting, careers, callings, enneagrams, rest, generosity and many more things that are core to them. Through their transparency you'll know that you're not alone in your struggles. We all know this life isn't perfect, but it can be exciting because God's in it, this is Alive and Wells! 


Revisiting Feminism and the "Housewife"

So far (as of episode 5), Lorna and Tauren's heartfelt commentary on married life and raising children have been a precious blessing. Lorna give God glory for inspiring you to start this podcast. Society does not give housewives the respect and accolades they deserve for the effort they put into raising children. Indeed, this is the single most important job of all, for not only do they raise children, these housewives are custodians of social moral principles and serve as the anchor for God's wisdom. True feminism celebrates women who indirectly contribute to the economy by raising morally productive children, rather than eschewing them for not applying their talents directly to the economy. Lorna, never feel like you gave anything up to raise kids in the way of the Lord. You're using your grace well and I have learned so much from 1 podcast about raising boys. Remember everything has its time and nothing lasts forever. Lots of love

Thank u Jesus!

I thank God for you two. Please don't stop preaching. You are a true blessing in my life.