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The Lance Hahn Podcast

Ep 41: Understanding LGBTQ

6/15/2021 01:30:12
Ep 41: Understanding LGBTQ
(WARNING: This Episode Contains Mature Content) Where does same sex attraction come from? Is it genetic or environmental? Does God's word give us any insight? In this episode, Lance Hahn talks about LGBTQ and homosexuality. He will share his thoughts on origination, sexual identity, sexuality being fluid or fixed and bring stunning clarity on the nature versus nurture debate. 'The Lance Hahn Podcast' drops a new episode every Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss it! 

The Lance Hahn Podcast

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Are you craving a balanced, wise and biblical perspective on the world around you, in the midst of all the craziness? Welcome to the Lance Hahn podcast where wisdom means looking at all sides, where God's perspective is of utmost importance and Truth matters. Every episode Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and lay out a fresh perspective based on a Biblical world view with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation. New episodes drop every Tuesday, so subscribe now so you never miss an episode.


Great for all believers!

I love Lance's thorough breakdown of all his topics. Helps me grow closer to God


Had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Lance at a Men's Conference and was blown away by his story and teaching! Naturally when he mentioned I Podcast, I bit, and was NOT DISAPPOINTED! This podcast is so relevant to a Christ follower new to or seasoned in the faith.