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Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn

Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn

Are you frustrated with the polarization of our nation and both extreme sides ignoring truth just so they don't have to cross an aisle? Welcome to Thought Revolution where we seek Wisdom while standing in the Radical Middle. Every Thursday Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and give you a fresh perspective through a Biblical worldview lens, with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation.

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Ep 7: Confidently Humble

Should you be boldly confident as Christians or Gently Humble? The answer is YES! In this episode of Thought Revolution, Lance Hahn explains that the proper mindset of all Christians is to be Confidently Humble. Who God is, is breath-taking, who He has made you is stunning, but at the end of the day, it's not about you, it's all about Him.

Previous Episodes

Ep: 10 - Why We Worship

Have you ever wondered what the music portion of church is really all about? What about the money part? In this episode of Thought Revolution, I talk about why church is the way that it is and zero in on how singing isn't really what we are supposed to be doing at church.

Ep: 9 The Ban On Worship

Did California just ban worship of God? In this episode Lance Hahn dissects that very question, defining Religious Persecution, discussing Government conspiracies, and of course talking about the subject in a way that causes you to think deeply about your own life and reaction to this challenging season. Get ready for a wild ride of controversy, Intellectual assessment and conviction. New 'Thought Revolution' episodes come out every Thursday, subscribe now so you never miss one!

Ep 8: Discerning the Call

Have you spent far too much time asking God what His plan is for your life with no answer? Maybe you are asking the wrong question. In this episode of Thought Revolution, Lance Hahn explains that there is no ONE right calling for your life. We want success, certainty, fame, purpose, meaning, and wealth, when God really wants one thing!

Ep 6: Who Am I - Part 4 of 4

Have you ever been embarrassed or shocked by the things that come out of your mouth? You are not the only person! In this episode, Lance Hahn opens up about his own weaknesses as well as talking about the failures of some great Biblical characters. He then lays out 6 benefits of having a solid Christian Identity. Remember: If you truly believe this...then you will live like that.