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Alive and Wells with Lorna and Tauren Wells

Ep 9: A Messy Marriage

1/25/2023 00:58:42
Ep 9: A Messy Marriage
How do you navigate a messy marriage with grace? 

In this week's episode Lorna and Tauren have a very honest conversation about lessons they've learned from marriage. Through talking about some very personal struggles with communication and even the process of getting freedom from pornography, they remind us that it's always best to respond in grace over condemnation, and the importance of coming alongside your spouse in prayer and encouragement.

In this episode they cover: 

Lorna & Tauren's first fight (0:32)

Dealing with expectations in marriage (8:04)

How women communicate (16:04)

How men communicate (23:11)

How Tauren found freedom in confession (27:21)

The power of responding with grace over condemnation (34:46)

The importance of honest communication when you feel like trust is lost (41:17)

Why you shouldn't give up on your marriage (48:30)

Spiritual issues require spiritual solutions (53:42)

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Alive and Wells with Lorna and Tauren Wells

Welcome into the Wells family! Listen as Lorna & Tauren share their lessons, struggles and some of the inspiring things that God has given them through their marriage, four boys and careers. In each episode of this podcast they tackle topics like marriage, parenting, careers, callings, enneagrams, rest, generosity and many more things that are core to them. Through their transparency you'll know that you're not alone in your struggles. We all know this life isn't perfect, but it can be exciting because God's in it, this is Alive and Wells! 



This is so uplifting. Love the book suggestions and pay it forward, love this honesty and transparency snd the biblical affirmation in all the principals you are teaching and discussing!

The Authenticity is Contageous

I love the authentic approach and the loving approach you bring to this podcast. I enjoy listening and learning from you both