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Encountering You
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Encountering You

You are invited to join Laura Williams, licensed professional counselor and co-host of 'Out of the Dark' with Mandisa as she tackles some of the tough issues in mental health and how they relate to your faith journey.

Encountering You will dive deeper into topics like trauma, struggling with my mental heath as a Christian, what are boundaries and how do I grow from them, shame, abuse, dealing with resentment and anger, and more.

Each episode will be full of information and include reflection, so be prepared to be challenged, but know that if you're are willing to move, even an inch, change will be inevitable.

New episodes of Encountering You will be available every Wednesday starting on April 6th so make sure to subscribe as we embark on a journey of hearing the places God wants to bring you in your story.


Trauma & healing

Ultimately healing comes from Jesus and seeing your identity in Him. A bit surprised I only heard Jesus mentioned once in the podcast. Anything else is flesh. Jesus isn't interested in us putting more confidence in our flesh (independence from Him) but learning to trust and depend on Him alone. Everything else is self effort. Pretty disappointing.

Latest podcast

I heard of your podcast while listening to Air1. I decided to find you later that day and listen to you while I was driving. The message that was on your podcast about the types of attachment... I listened to that podcast and I sat with it for a while and I thought and I thought and I thought. And I decided to talk to my husband about that podcast because we do struggle with the different types of attachments ourselves and I realized during that podcast that our children have developed their attachment styles. Something that I want to do is change the way we respond and how are reacting. We really realized a great ordeal yesterday and we're starting to implement change. Thank you Laura. Like you said in your very first podcast... Matthew 18:1-5And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.