Encountering You


Are you ok?

Laura, do you have a gift of explaining things in a way people can understand them, yet not dumbing them down to the point where they are left with only a vague understanding.I love how you tie everything in with a reflection that helps to solidify the information learned and find it within ourselves the skills to manifest results to each episode and to help others.I look forward to hearing you every week and appreciate your love of Christ, as it makes all the difference.I think if people follow what you teach every week, and do the reflections honestly, and incorporate those skills into that week, it will become habit enough to keep adding new skills with each new weekly lessons, and really make a difference in the lives of people who have yet to seek Therapy, or to understand themselves in a way that Therapy is most effectiveYou've been consistently putting out podcasts every week as far as I know, and I've listen to all of them.However, the last two weeks you have missed and I didn't hear anything about there being a planned holiday.I worry that something is going on with you and my prayers are with you and your family that things are good with you. Blessings.


I am so thankful that the Lord brought me to this podcast. It's truly been life changing! Dr. Laura is incredibly gifted in "speaking truth in love". Her insightful and thoughtful talks are filled with are filled with biblical wisdom and professional expertise on mental health topics that are so needed and timely! It's eye opening, encouraging, uplifting, transparent, honest, thoughtful and SO relatable. I also love helpful the reflection questions after each episode which makes this podcast even more of a gem! One thing this podcast promotes is being "a lifelong learner". It's amazing discovering these things about ourselves and the phrase that keeps my heart so hopeful as I listen is "Your past doesn't have to define your future" ️ I really feel like God is using this podcast as a way to take away any shame/guilt/confusion we have about our past and replace it with His grace and loving kindness towards us. And with that gift and newfound empathy, we can then extend that grace to ourselves (especially our younger selves) and others. Thank God His mercies are new every day! There are a million other things I could say but for now, I will recommend it to everyone I know! :)

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