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Wow! Finally a spot to find nourishment for my soul!! Thank you for Episode 134 , with Carey (I believe was his name) . I am about to walk out the door to meet a potential client. I have tried more times than I care to admit to start my design business. Everytime something has happened. I essentially gave up. This along with many other events that happen in everyone's life... I have become cynical & even bitter at times. I got to the point where home was the only place I wanted to be. I isolated and was battling this decision to go to this appointment but I have to try. Yes, it's not worked out before many times. But this one episode has given me the boost I needed to go with attitude of hope. So thank you both!


I love bobs posture of humility and relaxed attitude that helps me think and approach life in a similar manner. Another great example of a man living up to his highest purpose!

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