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Science + God with Dr. G

Science + God with Dr. G

Welcome! On this unique podcast, Biblical truths team up with the latest science to enrich, expand, and rock your worldview. It's a stunning journey from the subatomic to the astronomical to an unseen universe beyond human comprehension. Dr. Michael Guillen - a Christian who has won three Emmys, written international bestsellers, taught physics at Harvard, hosted on The History Channel, and for fourteen years was the Science Editor for ABC News (appearing regularly on Good Morning America, 20/20, Nightline, and World News Tonight) - explains the truth about YOU (body, brain, mind, and spirit) ... about the COSMOS ... and about GOD, as revealed by the Bible and front-line scientific research. Dr. Guillen feels called to host Science + God. On every single journey he engages you with his famous intelligence, humility, enthusiasm, and ability to make even the most complex subjects easily understandable and riveting!

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Journey #27 - How Big is God?

What word would you use to describe God's vastness? Omnipresent? Infinite? On this journey, Dr. G introduces you to some new terms and concepts that most accurately describe the enormity of God. If you think infinity is big ... wait until you hear what Dr. G has to say. Prepare to think really, really BIG!

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Journey #29 - The Christian Heaven


Will you go to heaven when you die? Are you sure? And what heaven are you talking about? On this journey Dr. G talks to you about the different kinds of heaven ... what it takes to get into them ... and why, unlike all the others, the Christian heaven is truly heavenly. Afterward, listen to Journey #15, if you haven't already. 

Journey #28 - Dreams & Destinies


Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. But he also had a destiny - and so do you. On this journey Dr. G explains the big difference between dreams and destinies. Moreover, by using both science and the Bible, he shows you the only way you can find your destiny. After the journey, check out these websites that Dr. G refers to:

https://www.reddit.com/r/physicsgifs/comments/a7lx2v/striking_one_tuning_fork_sets_up_a_sympathetic/ ... and ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxRkOQmzLgo .

So are you ready to find your destiny? The adventure begins now! 

Journey #26 - Magic or Miracle?


Is a miracle merely a form of magic? Or is there a fundamental difference between the two? On this journey, Dr. G dives into the subject from his unique perspective as a scientist, Christian -- and lifelong amateur magician. Get ready, because the adventure begins now! Subscribe and listen every Tuesday.

Journey #25 - The Miracle of Water


The Earth is known as the "Ocean Planet" because 70% of its surface is covered by water. Despite this, fresh water is scarce in many parts of the world - leading to fierce fighting and life-and-death crises. On this journey, Dr. G explains what science and the Bible have to say about this miraculous fluid - and why you can't live without it physically or spiritually.