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Science + God with Dr. G
Science + God with Dr. G

Science + God with Dr. G

Welcome! On this unique podcast, Biblical truths team up with the latest science to enrich, expand, and rock your worldview. It's a stunning journey from the subatomic to the astronomical to an unseen universe beyond human comprehension. Dr. Michael Guillen - a Christian who has won three Emmys, written international bestsellers, taught physics at Harvard, hosted on The History Channel, and for fourteen years was the Science Editor for ABC News (appearing regularly on Good Morning America, 20/20, Nightline, and World News Tonight) - explains the truth about YOU (body, brain, mind, and spirit) ... about the COSMOS ... and about GOD, as revealed by the Bible and front-line scientific research. Dr. Guillen feels called to host Science + God. On every single journey he engages you with his famous intelligence, humility, enthusiasm, and ability to make even the most complex subjects easily understandable and riveting!

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Journey #23 - The Best of Both Worldviews


 Look around you. Is what you see all there is to reality? Are your five senses powerful enough to reveal the hidden-most secrets of the universe? On this journey, Dr. G explains the two very different and very powerful worldviews you can possibly have. And more than that, he explains why you need not - and should not - choose between them. Like him, you can and should have the best of both worldviews!  

Previous Episodes

Journey #22 - Above and Beyond Climate Change


 The planet is warming up and the debate about what if anything we can and should do about is red hot. In this journey, Dr. G looks beyond the debate, politics, and loud voices at what science and the Bible say about what is happening - and what is likely to happen in the years to come. It's a fresh perspective you won't find anywhere else. So welcome aboard, the adventure begins now.  

Journey #21 - Can God Really Speak To You?


What do you think about people who claim they've heard from God? Are they crazy? Have you ever heard from God? On this journey, Dr. G explains extraordinary scientific discoveries that support the belief that God can indeed communicate with you. And based on these discoveries he offers some down-to-Earth tips on how best you can listen for God's out-of-this-world voice. 

Journey #20 - Living in Fear


 What do you fear most in life? How much of your days and nights do you spend worrying about things? About your health. Your job. Your loved ones. On this journey, Dr. G explains what science and the Bible have to say about the dangers of everyday life - and the healthiest and smartest way you should react to them. After this, you'll know how to put fear in its proper place!

Journey #19 - The Christan God


 People have worshipped many kinds of gods over the centuries. So what makes the Christian God so special? At a time when it isn't popular to claim that anything is exceptional, Dr. G cites the Bible and the latest science to explain why the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is exactly that - undeniably exceptional.