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The Lance Hahn Podcast

Let's Check-In With Lance

11/1/2022 00:01:09
Let's Check-In With Lance
Let's have a quick check-in from Lance Hahn. He's taking a short break to prepare future episodes, which will include topics like busyness, failure, why people don't like church and more.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for new episodes.

The Lance Hahn Podcast

"Are you craving a balanced, wise and biblical perspective on the world around you, in the midst of all the craziness? Welcome to the Lance Hahn podcast where wisdom means looking at all sides, where God's perspective is of utmost importance and Truth matters. Every episode Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and lay out a fresh perspective based on a Biblical world view with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation."


Interesting topics

Interesting & complicated topics explained in a way that is clear & entertaining.

Really great

I'm a UPS driver and I drive the night shift. I listen to all kinds of podcasts and my wife told me that I needed to listen to The Lance Hahn podcast. I'm so glad she pointed me to this one. I really enjoy the message from Pastor Lance. He's helped me understand things I've had questions about. Thanks Pastor Lance!!!