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Molly DeFrank - How to do a Digital Detox

6/20/2022 00:29:17
Are you tired of the screen time battles in your home? If you're constantly managing fights between your kids, meltdowns, or saying "put that away!" it may be time for a digital detox. Author and mom of six Molly DeFrank shares her family's journey of unplugging and outlines a detailed plan for you to do the same. Today's conversation is about: 

2:30 Mother has had it! The birth of the digital detox

5:00 How do you present the digital detox to your kids? What does that talk sound like?

7:30 What are signs that your children need a detox from devices?

9:00 Mom, say this when your kids say I'm bored

12:00 The best part of the detox is noticing your child's specific talents and interests

15:20 Do parents have to join the digital detox? If so, how?

17:30 Kids from foster care - adapting the digital detox for them

22:00 Here's how you can continue the digital detox long term

25:20 You don't have to be organized or a planner to do this digital detox because...

Molly DeFrank is the mama of the digital detox. She's a stay home mom and foster mom of six kids ages 12 and under. She's been a guest on Good Morning America and her new book is Digital Detox: The 2 week tech reset for kids. Find out more on Molly's website

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The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane VIDEO

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