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Paul Burns - Driven by Identity Not Circumstances

9/15/2021 00:30:51
Paul Burns - Driven by Identity Not Circumstances
It's easy to get distracted by our circumstances- whether it's how our body feels, an urgent problem to solve at work, a house filled with noisy kids, or the latest news headline. Our distractions are just that- distractions from what's most important. 

So what does it look like to navigate through those distractions? We can't control the world around us, but we can develop habits that help us stay focused and centered. 

There aren't many people I've run across who do better at living a focused, centered life than my friend, Paul Burns. 

Paul Burns is a believer, builder, maker, dreamer, husband, father and also happens to be a senior executive at Twitter. At Twitter, Paul helps brands, businesses and people see the power of conversation to change the world. Paul believes that when we begin to have more open, healthy and loving conversations (especially about the things we disagree on), we are one step closer to looking more like Jesus. When he's not at Twitter, Paul helps lead a non-profit organization called Matthew House where he helps inspire hope, restore dignity and empower independence for refugees around the world ( Paul lives in Toronto with his wife Olivia and two boys Anderson & Wesley and can be found on Twitter and Instagram @paulburns 

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