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Returning Civil Dialogue to Your Family & Friends

12/22/2021 00:16:49
Returning Civil Dialogue to Your Family & Friends
It would be hard to find a church community, group of friends, or family who haven't suffered from the breakdown of dialogue over the past couple of years. All across the country, family members are refusing to speak to one another, friends have blocked each other on social media, and people refuse to return to their churches. 

It's hard to dream for peace, reconciliation, or redemption when there's so much conflict and misunderstanding. As we head into the holidays, when so many people are carrying the burden of fractured relationships, we wanted to bring someone who could help guide us through difficult relationships and bring empathy and dialogue back where it belongs.

Christy Vines is the President & CEO of Ideos, a Christian organization focused on engaging empathy and empathic intelligence in spaces of conflict, division and polarization. She is a California-based expert on issues at the intersection of faith, social/cultural polarization, and conflict transformation. 

In addition to holding various leadership roles with the RAND Corporation, Institute for Global Engagement, and the American Security Project, her published articles and op-eds have appeared in outlets like the Washington Post, Religion News Service, Capital Commentary, and Christianity Today. She has a Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and a B.A. in Sociology with a quantitative analysis emphasis.

On January 5th, Christy and her team at the Ideos Institute are releasing a new documentary film, Dialogue Lab: America. What happens when twelve Americans with wildly opposing viewpoints gather together to engage in empathy and dialogue? Go to to sign up to view the film, and bring a film screening event to your family room, church, or small group of friends. 

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