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Life. Money. Hope. With Chris Brown

The Why Behind Life. Money. Hope.

1/23/2023 00:26:33
The Why Behind Life. Money. Hope.
Are you ready to stop settling for any less than what God intended for you?

In this episode Chris talks about the deep rooted WHY behind the Life. Money. Hope. ministry. He shares that there is more for our lives, and demonstrates how to leverage our hurts, pains and disappointments and transform them into purpose for today.

This episode will encourage, equip, and empower you to experience true life, success with money, and will help you become closely acquainted with the hope that's found in Jesus.

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Life. Money. Hope. With Chris Brown

We are faced with decisions every day-decisions about our careers, parenting, relationships, and money. If you're wondering what the Bible says about any of these issues, you're in the right place. You're invited to join us each Monday for Life. Money. Hope. with Chris Brown. He offers biblical wisdom and practical advice for the life-questions you face every day. As a father, husband, author and pastor, Chris has helped people discover what it means to intentionally pursue God's purpose. Join us for weekly inspiration, advice, and encouragement to live out God's plan for your life. Subscribe to the Life. Money. Hope. with Chris Brown podcast today. 


Engaging Listen!

Really enjoy the Christ-centered messages! Will challenge you to take an inward look to push yourself to be the best you!

Welcome back!

Really enjoyed your previous shows and looking forward to growing and learning from this podcast.