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Hey It's The Luskos

Hey It's The Luskos

Sit down with pastors and authors Levi and Jennie Lusko for an for an unfiltered look at the madness of the Lusko's life, marriage, ministry, faith, grief, and growth that goes on behind the scenes. (It may or may not include: product reviews, coffee recommendations, Disney hacks and all the things that make life wonderful). Hosted by Pastors of Fresh Life Church, and authors of best selling book Through The Eyes of a Lion, I Declare War, Swipe Right and The Fight to Flourish.

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Ep 9: There's No Such Thing as a Wireless Anchor

Mario Kart, Recycling, dolphins, and holding tight to Jesus as the anchor for our souls.

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Ep 11: Pain Is A Microphone

Fighting for healthy rhythms of rest, using your pain as a platform, and how to view difficult seasons as defining moments.

Ep 10: A Conversation with Bob Goff


I don't need absolute clarity on many things, give me clarity on Jesus and the rest can be fuzzy, the rest is an adventure." We're talking buried pickle jars, ten-year-old adventures, marriage, parenting and how to dream big.
Dream Big: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-Big-Youre-Going-About/dp/1400219493
Bob Goff (@bobgoff)
Levi Lusko (levilusko.com / @levilusko)
Jennie Lusko (jennielusko.com / @jennielusko)
Fresh Life Church (freshlife.church / @freshlife) 

Ep 8: A Conversation with Jeremy and Adrienne Camp

Hot wings, parenting, the pressure of the music industry, and how to keep your heart pure and remain anchored in the reminder that there is nothing good in us apart from Jesus.

Ep 7: a little bit of greif, a whole lot of hope

Inspiration, the key to creativity, and how Jesus turns off the darkness of death, despair, loneliness, suicide and grief. There is no corner of this universe so dark that he can't fill it with light.