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Tim Timmons - Discovering God Here and Now

7/21/2021 00:30:39
Tim Timmons - Discovering God Here and Now
If you've ever found yourself with a full schedule but an empty heart, you're in good company. It's far too easy to get caught up in our tasks and commitments and miss out on the presence of God who's always with us.

Tim Timmons is one of my friends who reminds me that God is always available in the here and now.

After two decades of ministry and a lifetime of looking for Jesus, Tim is no stranger to pain, cancer, sorrow, failure, joy and hope. "For most of my life," Tim shares, "I found myself working FOR God, and not WITH Him, which led to my tired soul desperately searching for more. Saying, 'Jesus, is this all there is?'" 

When Tim is home, he, Hilary (his wife of 23 years), their four children, and friends gather all week long, including Sunday mornings (Journey Church), and encourage each other to put Jesus into practice in the regular rhythms of our days.

Tim has a new album with Integrity Music, titled HERE, which is now available.

On the episode:

Producer : Tatave Abeshyan

Producer & Co-host : Scott Schimmel


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