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Dare To Be
Dare To Be

Dare To Be

Dare To Be was birthed out of an authentic friendship between Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill. They both share a fervent passion to see women supporting one another and daring to believe that they are capable of reaching their full potential in Christ. In this raw and honest podcast, Natalie and Charlotte discuss a wide range of issues. Each conversation is rooted in scripture and biblical examples of how to move past strongholds and struggles that many are facing.

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Ep 12: Moving Beyond Offense

Offense is like a bad house guest that moves in and takes over every part of our lives. In this conversation, Natalie & Charlotte discuss how to apply Godly truths to move beyond the offenses that creep in, grow, and seek to destroy our peace, our purpose, and our relationships.

Previous Episodes

Ep 11: Developing Godly Self Confidence

In today's episode, Natalie & Charlotte talk about living in a world that is constantly focused on the "self." Join in as they discuss how we can think less about ourselves, but also live with a God-sized confidence.

Ep 10: Are You Living By Faith Or By Facts?

Is God asking you to take a step of faith and you aren't quite sure what that looks like or even means? In today's episode, Natalie and Charlotte share how to step out in faith while also facing the facts of your everyday situation.

Ep 9: The Power of Staying Committed & Consistent

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte discuss staying committed & consistent in every area of your life. We are all running a metaphorical marathon, and if you're in a season of exhaustion, this episode will encourage you with tools and mindsets to stay committed to your journey.

Ep 8: Infertility, Motherhood & Raising Children

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte open up about their own personal struggles with infertility. They speak to the power of keeping a posture of praise through the process of uncertainty and about the very common issue of "mommy guilt." Hear the life changing advice that Charlotte gave to Natalie as she struggled with balancing her role as a working mother.