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Dare To Be was birthed out of an authentic friendship between Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill. They both share a fervent passion to see women supporting one another and daring to believe that they are capable of reaching their full potential in Christ. In this raw and honest podcast, Natalie and Charlotte discuss a wide range of issues. Each conversation is rooted in scripture and biblical examples of how to move past strongholds and struggles that many are facing.

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Ep 19 : Developing A Teachable Spirit

On today's episode, we ask the question: How teachable are you? Some of us love to learn, but others of us have a hard time taking constructive criticism. Listen in on this important conversation about how having a teachable spirit is critical for growth in the life of every believer.

Previous Episodes

Ep 18: The Company You Keep

In this episode, Natalie & Charlotte talk how we are influenced in ways that we can see, but also in ways that we can't see, by the people that we spend the most time with. Join the conversation on the importance of choosing a Godly inner circle and intentional community.

Ep 17: When Life Is Just Unfair

When we live our lives having an expectation of "fairness," we are consistently set up to feel disappointed. This year in particular has brought a lot of "unfair" life scenarios but Natalie & Charlotte talk about how we can move forward by adjusting the lens that we view our situations through.

Ep 16: Forgiveness

It's never easy, but it's always necessary. Join in on the conversation between Natalie Grant & Charlotte Gambill as they talk about the healing and transformational power that's found through forgiveness.

Ep 15: Peacemakers

Let's be honest, we're in a time right now where there is so much division and disunity. In this episode, Natalie & Charlotte discuss how we can all be peacemakers. No matter who you are, we all desire peace.

Ep 13: Am I Living In The Will Of God?

Have you ever wondered if you are in the will of God? In today's episode, Natalie and Charlotte talk about clearly seeing the simple truth of God's will for your life.

Ep 12: Moving Beyond Offense

Offense is like a bad house guest that moves in and takes over every part of our lives. In this conversation, Natalie & Charlotte discuss how to apply Godly truths to move beyond the offenses that creep in, grow, and seek to destroy our peace, our purpose, and our relationships.

Ep 11: Developing Godly Self Confidence

In today's episode, Natalie & Charlotte talk about living in a world that is constantly focused on the "self." Join in as they discuss how we can think less about ourselves, but also live with a God-sized confidence.

Ep 10: Are You Living By Faith Or By Facts?

Is God asking you to take a step of faith and you aren't quite sure what that looks like or even means? In today's episode, Natalie and Charlotte share how to step out in faith while also facing the facts of your everyday situation.

Ep 9: The Power of Staying Committed & Consistent

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte discuss staying committed & consistent in every area of your life. We are all running a metaphorical marathon, and if you're in a season of exhaustion, this episode will encourage you with tools and mindsets to stay committed to your journey.

Ep 8: Infertility, Motherhood & Raising Children

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte open up about their own personal struggles with infertility. They speak to the power of keeping a posture of praise through the process of uncertainty and about the very common issue of "mommy guilt." Hear the life changing advice that Charlotte gave to Natalie as she struggled with balancing her role as a working mother.

Ep 7: Fostering Honest & Healthy Friendships

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte speak on the value of friendship. They openly share the importance of having healthy friendships and the keys they've learned to foster honest and real friendships through building one another up.

Ep 6: Daring to Re-Enter the Room

Do you feel stuck in an area in your life? In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte share insight on how to push past feelings of familiarity and frustration and be able to "re-enter the room" and approach circumstances with a fresh perspective.

Ep 5: The Process of Creating

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte talk about their creative process in songwriting and message writing and discuss how every person has the ability to share their own story and creatively deliver the message of God's grace within our circles of influence.

Ep 4: How To "Balance" It All

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte dive into one of their most frequently asked questions, "How do they balance it all?" From juggling family and friendships to ministry, church, and walking in their individual callings, they share how they keep balanced through the various seasons of life.

Ep 3: Walking in Obedience

In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte share the importance of walking in obedience and share how obedience positions us as a devotion unto the Lord. If you haven't already, subscribe now so you never miss a Tuesday episode!

Ep 2: Fear & Anxiety In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Lockdown... we've all heard this word being used during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, Natalie and Charlotte encourage us in this season to allow God to break some of the areas in our lives that we have had on "lockdown" and not actually dealt with. If you haven't already, subscribe now so you never miss a Tuesday episode!

Ep 1: Distancing Yet Daring To Be

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill are together and doing a NEW Podcast called Dare To Be! In this 1st Episode you'll hear how they met, became friends and decided to join forces to Dare To Be! If you haven't already, subscribe now so you never miss a Tuesday episode!

Ep 0: Introducing the Dare To Be Podcast

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill have a NEW podcast called Dare To Be! New episodes every Tuesday starting May 19. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode!