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Encountering You

Thank you Laura Williams!

I have been through 4 therapists in less than two years. Here in California it is difficult to find a Christian therapist, and if you do, they're booked solid. I just refused to go to a non-Christian one. For me, it makes a big difference.Looks like my fourth therapist is a keeper, but this podcast really helps me see things I didn't see in therapy. I can bring Laura's perspective to therapy and it helps to round it out.Laura will really help you discover things about yourself that you can use in your therapy. And if you don't have a counselor, this podcast might help you see why you might benefit from getting one. I tried for decades to do it on my own. It sure didn't work for me!Thanks for keeping it simple and engaging!

Love it!

Love her approach and that it's faith-based!! Can't wait to hear more!

Motivated me to start my own counseling journey

This podcast has motivated me to start my own counseling journey. One I know I've needed the courage to start for some time... I want to do the work, spend the time and stay consistent. This podcast has helped me feel more normal, knowing I'm not alone! I only pray my counselor is as good as you are! That's my biggest battle, I'm scared no one will be who I need. But I'm trusting the lord and diving in! Thank you for the courage and encouragement to do so!God bless you!

Yay! She's Back!

I first heard Laura on the podcast she did with Mandisa. I love this podcast just as much! So glad you are back! It would be cool to have Mandisa on, just like old times! Thank you for your insight and honesty!


Love this podcast so much! Laura gives insight into mental and emotional wellness from a Christian worldview. Beneficial for all who are in counseling, or who just appreciate a little weekly boost to their mental health and self awareness. Thank you, Laura! Keep up the good work!!!!

Faith journey

I needed to listen to this today. I can't wait to hear more. I am experiencing many struggles as a Christian. Reminding myself I am strong, my God is there every step of the way and satan attacks every crack he can to make us think we aren't enough to fight.This is good. This is real. Thank you!

Enjoying the journey

In a time of my life where God is healing, refining, redirecting and so much more, I feel so grateful to hear your words. Your unique insight as a counselor and the recipient of counseling brings a down to earth feeling when I listen. Counseling is such a blessing and your gift to us listeners are as well. Thank you for demonstrating that the purpose of counseling is to bring us closer to our Savior. It's all about our relationship with Jesus.

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Love you Laura

Encountering You

Encountering You Podcast is sponsored in part by Trinity Debt Management. Call 1 800 793-8752 to talk with a counselor today.  

You are invited to join Laura Williams, licensed professional counselor and co-host of 'Out of the Dark' with Mandisa as she tackles some of the tough issues in mental health and how they relate to your faith journey.

Encountering You will dive deeper into topics like trauma, struggling with my mental heath as a Christian, what are boundaries and how do I grow from them, shame, abuse, dealing with resentment and anger, and more.

Each episode will be full of information and include reflection, so be prepared to be challenged, but know that if you're are willing to move, even an inch, change will be inevitable.

New episodes of Encountering You will be available every Wednesday starting on April 6th so make sure to subscribe as we embark on a journey of hearing the places God wants to bring you in your story.