Married to the Games


Something for gabe

My dad listened to this podcast from the beginning and this podcast has played a very crustal role in my life and I was just wondering if you can do something for Gabe to honor him. Can you put his voice in the 2 intros please in the next episode 609 I would really appreciate it thank you for keeping the podcast going love all of you

Sorry for a great loss!

My first episode was the episode about Gabe Patillo passing away. I then listened to 600. As someone that didn't know him (but knew of his father) my heart was filled with sorrow. I was once in the industry and spent a few years at GMA... so I knew most of the people mentioned. My was filled with joy knowing that y'all are followers of Christ and that as friends yall are there for each other.My prayers go out to the Patillo family and to the family of listeners that have been a part 600 + episodes... many blessings.

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