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Rebecca St. James Friends and Family
Rebecca St. James Friends and Family

Rebecca St. James Friends and Family

Rebecca St. James is back, and not only in the studio working on fresh, modern worship music, but she also has a NEW podcast to encourage you in daily life! Through authentic sharing with friends and family- tackling subjects such as faith, parenting, relationships and more- she reminds listeners they're not alone, and that we have wisdom for life in Jesus!

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Pain - featuring guest Luke Smallbone

Rebecca and her brother Luke share about growing up together, the value of hardship in life and the challenge of trusting God in the midst of struggle. This episode centers on the issues of pain and perseverance. Guest Luke Smallbone is one half of for KING & COUNTRY, husband to Courtney, and father to 3 boys- Jude, Phoenix, and Leo. He lives in the country and enjoys mountain biking and farming when he's not touring the world or in the studio!

Previous Episodes

Screen-Time - featuring guest Helen Smallbone

Rebecca and her mom Helen share about parenting in the age of technology, guarding the heart, and creating space for creativity. This podcast focuses on the issues of screen time, media, and setting healthy technology limits for your children. Guest Helen Smallbone has been married for over 4 decades, is a mom of 7 and is a long time Compassion representative.

Purpose - featuring guest Cubbie Fink

Rebecca and her husband Cubbie share about their story, how they met, married and began a family. This podcast centers on the issues of purpose, parenthood and God's redemption. Guest Cubbie Fink is a film producer and musician.
After a season away from the stage and studio to focus on her family, wife and mom Rebecca St. James is back with a brand-new podcast!  In it you'll discover her new music, hear from her friends and family, and most importantly be encouraged in your faith. New episodes release every Friday starting May 22.  Subscribe now so you never miss an episode!