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Just what I needed

I telly enjoyed the Mark Stuart episode. Things kind of came full circle for me too. Audio A's Some Kind Of Zombie was the first CD I ever bought. I only listened to this podcast because he was the guest. Like him I need God to show up in my life. This episode really touched me and to think God spoke to me through a podcast that I only listened to because 25 or so years ago I bought a cd. I'm a subscriber now

Honesty, beauty and life lessons

2/27/22 Thank you for the Brad Stine interview. God is amazing. My husband were in a tough spot today, felt like totally under attack - and in the car on a trip, of all places. I escaped into my earbuds and your podcast, and behold, it was the one on marriage with Brad Stine. I was laughing and wincing, and totally under conviction to humble myself. How tender of God for me to hear from you two... in my ear, saying - been there, and staying the work is worth it. I replayed the last part over in the car speakers as we neared home, hoping it would soften my husband's heart. Tonight is better. Enemy is in retreat, and this home stands. ️ Love you all. Thank you️8/31/21It's been several months since I wrote the last review or heard one of your podcasts, but, I'm painting again and what better way to pass such a dreadful task than get lost in Rebecca St. James great conversations! So - the interview with your mom and dad . My heart is full hearing of their honest faith journeys in difficult seasons. I wrote down that book, Dad Smallbone- (Inside Out) on loving unconditionally. I pray it revolutionizes my 23 yr marriage and parenting. My 19 yr old daughter is in great trouble. ️Yes Mom Smallbone - we moms need you; your joy, your stories, your example. We are lonely and hurting deeply. Jesus is our answer, yes, and he works through us. And Moriah - you are just awesome, girl. I saw you few years ago and miss that energy. BRAVE oh that bit where you came to the back of the ground floor surrounded by your band- black leather and all, singing to fight like a warrior. That was epic. ️ Keep it all coming Smallbones. I love you all so much. Til Heaven - A Sister in Oklahoma *** Thank you for these beautiful prayers... Jaci Valsquez interview and Tammy Trent. Going through it. Moving though. Trusting you Lord with the process and pieces. ** TY for these podcasts!!! They were just "there" on my phone when I needed them. ️ *** So much to take away from these podcasts I've been listening to while doing dishes, driving, working. So meaningful to me is the interview with your mom (mum:). Her life advice to "stop, think, and take babysteps", has become a part of my mental DNA and I've shared it already with my teen daughter. I also laughed and cried with your brothers. I was painting as I listened to Luke's interview, stopped and wept with him. What a beautiful group of souls the Lord brought to us from down under.️ Blessings for the future, however the Lord leads

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