The Collective Podcast with Charlotte Gambill VIDEO


Loving this, thank you for your obedience

I heard someone say recently that timing is prophetic and I believe that's true. After watching your time with Tim Ross in the Basement, which I loved, and was hilarious, I immediately found your podcasts and began to watch them. I started with the first one you did and I'm working my way up to the present. These are so relevant and right on time with everything going on in the kingdom. Thank you for your obedience, love for the gospel message, and availability for our triune God.

You deserve all the stars!

This podcast is such a blessing to me. Charlotte speaks deep truths through these beautiful analogies that paint such vivid pictures in my mind. They're impactful and memorable like good worship lyrics. The hot potato one really stuck with me and I'm definitely going to remember it next time my anger is stirred. Thanks for making these teachings available for free and to a layperson like me!

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