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Relationally Intelligent Child with Dr. John Trent

7/19/2021 00:29:03
Kids these days are super smart about video games and social media, but what about being relationally smart? Are your kids good with people? Dr. John Trent shares five keys from his newest book, The Relationally Intelligent Child. Turns out IQ isn't nearly as important as being relationally intelligent. It's never too late to help your child learn how to meaningful connect with others. Learn more about Dr. John Trent and his book, The Relationally Intelligent Child.

Sibling Rivalry with Amberly Neese

7/12/2021 00:30:01
When your kids fight and just keep fighting, it can be easy to give up on peace in the home. Sibling rivalry is frustrating! Author Amberly Neese is here with some examples of Biblical siblings who didn't always get along well either. You'll be encouraged and have some new tools to try the next time your kids and/or step-kids start fighting.

Learn more about Amberly Neese and her Bible study, Common Ground: Loving Others Despite Our Differences

Protect Your Child from Porn with Josh Glaser

7/5/2021 00:27:25
Pornography is the new drug and it's not just a problem for boys anymore. How can you protect your child from stumbling onto porn or from viewing it regularly? Author Josh Glaser is here to help us have those important (and yes awkward) conversations with our kids to protect them from seeing too much, too soon.   

Learn more about Josh Glaser and his book, Treading Boldly Through a Pornographic World: A Field Guide for Parents.  

Why Can't My Child Pay Attention

6/28/2021 00:27:23
Can your child focus on anything besides YouTube, social media, or video games? Today we're talking about the much needed skill of attention. It's one of the five A+ skills in my book Screen Kids. You'll learn how to strengthen your child's attention span - both in and out of school.   

Learn more about Arlene's film, Screen Kids: In Their Own Words. happyhomeuniversity.com/film 

Dr. George Barna Worldview in America

6/14/2021 00:00:00
From the media to the classroom, our kids are surrounded by beliefs that run counter to the Bible. Things that were shocking 50 years ago are promoted as desirable today. Researcher Dr. George Barna describes the worldview Americans are most likely to draw from - it's a watered down, feel good, fake Christianity. In order for your child to show RESILIENCE, you must educate yourself about our culture to learn how to equip your child to stand fast in the faith. There's no better person than Dr. George Barna to help us make sense of the research coming out about millennials and the beliefs of our nation.

The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane VIDEO

This show is for women and men who want a happier home life. Arlene will help you bridge the gap between your ideal family and the real thing. You don't have to come from a happy home to create one.

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