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Molly DeFrank - How to do a Digital Detox

6/20/2022 00:29:17
Are you tired of the screen time battles in your home? If you're constantly managing fights between your kids, meltdowns, or saying "put that away!" it may be time for a digital detox. Author and mom of six Molly DeFrank shares her family's journey of unplugging and outlines a detailed plan for you to do the same. Today's conversation is about: 

2:30 Mother has had it! The birth of the digital detox

5:00 How do you present the digital detox to your kids? What does that talk sound like?

7:30 What are signs that your children need a detox from devices?

9:00 Mom, say this when your kids say I'm bored

12:00 The best part of the detox is noticing your child's specific talents and interests

15:20 Do parents have to join the digital detox? If so, how?

17:30 Kids from foster care - adapting the digital detox for them

22:00 Here's how you can continue the digital detox long term

25:20 You don't have to be organized or a planner to do this digital detox because...

Molly DeFrank is the mama of the digital detox. She's a stay home mom and foster mom of six kids ages 12 and under. She's been a guest on Good Morning America and her new book is Digital Detox: The 2 week tech reset for kids. Find out more on Molly's website

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Chase Replogle - Understanding Your Son's 5 Masculine Instincts

6/13/2022 00:32:59
This is the perfect episode to help you understand your son and/or your husband better!

What are the 5 masculine instincts? This week's guest, pastor and author Chase Replogle is here to explain what these instincts are and how to leverage them for good. In today's conversation, we're talking about:

3:00 What can we learn from Shakespeare's stages of a man?

4:25 Instincts - are they good or bad?

6:00 The example of Cain and the instinct of sarcasm

9:30 How can we nudge our son to care instead of check out?

10:30 A working definition of humility: self-suspicion

14:30 What is C.S. Lewis talking about in the Abolition of Man when he refers to chestless men?

18:30 How can we make church more attractive for men? For boys?

22:00 Hunting for turkeys!

25:00 Men need adventures, extremes of too much adventure or too little (apathy)

27:00 The call of God on Samson's life - the need to watch our spiritual lives carefully

Chase Replogle is a pastor and author of the 5 Masculine Instincts. He's pastored the Bent Oak Church in Springfield Missouri for 10 years. He is the host of the Pastor Writer podcast, a native of the Ozark woods, and he enjoys being outdoors with his wife and two kids. Find out more at pastorwriter.com.

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Dr. John Foubert - Protecting Your Child from Internet Pornography

6/6/2022 00:26:42
Pornography is not what it used to be. Much more than just photos of unclothed adults, it's more violent and prevalent than ever. How can you keep your kids safe online? Expert and author Dr. John Foubert is here to explain how pornography is affecting the brains, hearts and future families of children and teens. On today's episode you'll learn: 

3:00 What is happening in a child's brain when they see pornography? 

4:50 Can a brain reset back to a healthy level after porn use?  

5:20 Why is porn especially dangerous to tween and teens?  

7:10 How soon do you talk to your kids about this subject? 

10:20 From 2008-2011, exposure to kids under 13 rose from 14% to 49% 

13:00 What do studies show between the link between porn and sexual violence?  

15:00 How should you respond when you catch your child looking at pictures of naked people?

16:20 Did you know there is a link between porn and depression and anxiety?

18:00 The physical damages that happen to kids when they view porn 

21:50 How to best talk with your kids about porn in a way they will want to listen to you 

Today's guest Dr. John Foubert is a thought leader who has testified before Congress and has been called on by the White House and the Pentagon about how to end sexual violence. He's been a guest on CNN and NPR and is cited regularly in papers like the NY Times, US News and World Report, and the Washington Post. Dr. Foubert's newest book is Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography - understanding the science, risks, and ways to protect your kids. 

Learn more about Dr. John Foubert on his website

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Angela Perritt - Equipping Teen Girls to Love God Greatly

5/30/2022 00:35:58
How can you get your teen girl more engaged with the Bible? Mom of three girls and founder of the ministry Love God Greatly, Angela Perritt, is here to share her enthusiasm for studying the Bible and how you can pass that love to your children and teenagers. We're talking about her new study Bible, the Young Women Love God Greatly Bible. In today's conversation, you'll learn: 

5:00 How you can give girls a wider view of the world, a love for other nations  

7:10 How to encourage kids who follow God because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to 

9:00 What can a mom do to nudge a daughter to read God's Word when she is not interested?  

10:50 How can a Bible reading plan be a game changer in your family?

12:00 How do you apply the "SOAP" method of studying the Bible? 

15:00 Let's talk about the difference between reading the Bible in print or on the phone 

17:50 This is one of the biggest lies this generation of girls is hearing

23:00 How can church history help our kids to be bolder about their faith?  

26:00 Words of advice to moms who want to start a non-profit, ministry, or business 

Angela Perritt is the founder and director of LoveGodGreatly.com, a nonprofit online Bible study ministry reaching thousands of women in over 200 countries around the world with God's Word through their translated Bible studies. Angela and her husband live in Dallas with their three daughters. Today we talked about her Young Women Love God Greatly Bible (it's a BEAUTIFUL study Bible). Find it here: lovegodgreatly.com

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Tricia Goyer - Happy Heart for Moms

4/25/2022 00:29:43
Overworked mom of ten Tricia Goyer thought she had to have it all together. Yet during a season of messiness, failure and chaos, Tricia felt God speaking overwhelming love in her life. In the search for being "heart happy" (living with joy and peace), Tricia found that intentional habits and time invested with God brought the renewal she craved. In this conversation about Tricia's new book, Heart Happy: Staying Centered in God's Love During Chaotic Circumstances, you'll learn:

3:30 What does it mean to have a happy heart? 

4:20 Tricia's background starting out as a single mom, getting married, having 10 kids, foster care...

6:50 Don't interrupt mama when she's having her Jesus time (cause she needs that Jesus time!!!)

8:00 How to spend time with God when you're raising young kids and life is crazy 

12:45 You don't have to have the right response exactly when something happens. You can wait and respond later. 

13:45 Taking time for soul care - a few ideas to nourish and reset 

17:00 There's nothing you can do to make God love you more (getting out of performance mode) 

19:50 Cooking for a BIG family and how to use the time in the kitchen creatively 

21:00 Reconciling the hurts of the past with a happy heart - dealing with father wounds 

26:30 Specific advice for single moms 

Tricia Goyer is a busy mom of ten, grandmother of many, and wife to John. A USA-Today bestselling author, she has published 75 books. Learn more about her newest book, Heart Happy .

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