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Why or Why Not with the Watsons

A Family Podcast For Believers

Just writing to mention how much I enjoy this podcast so far. I am a parent of two boys (nowhere close to 7 lol), but I can identify with many of the Faith-based topics discussed on a weekly basis. And many of the topics are only things that you can talk with other parents about which of course does not include everyone. Ben was one of my all-time favorite tight ends in the NFL and after listening I can see that Kirsten is a true backbone and also superstar for the Watson family.

New listener

I learned about your podcast on Pardon the Mess. So glad that I follow through and listened to y'all! You are now on my weekly rotation of awesome podcasts!

They're Back!!!

I'm so glad this podcast has returned!! New look and through Accessmore but the same GREAT Conversation and insights. You two are such a blessing!! I found myself laughing, shaking my head, and saying AMEN through both new episodes and I'm ready for more!

Very enjoyable real life podcast

Love listening to this couple and their real life approach to discussing topics grounded in God's word! Looking forward to listening to many more!

Sooo insightful!!!

A genuine, wholesome, relatable and even funny Christian family podcast! I'm a mama of 2 under 2 and this podcast gives me hope when I'm in the deeeeep trenches of parenting!

Valentine's Day

I just heard you guys for the first time today and it was the pod cast about Valentine's Day. I've never been one who's wanted to celebrate that day either because it's so commercialized. My husband and have been married for 33 years and our second sone was born on Valentines Day so it made it easy to not do something that day.People do change over time, when we were first married I always told my husband don't by me flowers but lately I've realized I love flowers ( not red roses either) I always said don't buy me flowers because we were dirt poor and I saw it as a waste of money. And I much prefer spontaneous gifts/ flowers.All that to say I think everything you guys talked about was great! Thank youCandace

Why or Why Not with the Watsons

Why or Why Not sponsored in part by Dwell Bible App. Save 30% off Dwell for Life at Dwellapp.io/Watsons From the outside it may look like we get along "all the time". Let us be the first to tell you that is not the case. Meet "Why" aka Benjamin and "Why Not" aka Kirsten as we discuss topics ranging from keeping the spark in your love story, to how to talk to your kids about race. Tune in to hear how we approached the crazy life of the NFL and mindfully apply biblical truth to our daily lives with our family. You will laugh and you may cry, but in the end our hope is that our different approaches to situations bless you and your family.