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Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends

Bob is awesome

I love Bob Goff he is a perfect example of who God wants you to be. He has been to my church but I had dance so I didn't see him i wish i did though i have shown his books to my teachers and a lot of my friends i hope you love Bob Goff as much as i do

Ambition brings change

I am so thankful that as a young adult that I found this podcast. The stories and advice from other people who have pursued their ambition is truly inspiring. It has encouraged me to grow more as a person and to think and pray more about the things that I want to pursue. I love how this podcast is about conversation and engagement because it really reflects the importance of pursuing ambition to make a different in the world. That is because without inviting other people in you can't make any change. I think this whole idea is communicated very clearly and it has made a difference in my life and I hope it will enfold to bring change in other people.

All the podcasts

Bob I meet you awhile back when you made a stop in Clovis ca to Northside church for your love book tour I so enjoy your podcast keep up the great work

SO Excited!

So very excited for the opportunity to tune in weekly to hear a voice that has inspired, encouraged, and helped unleash possibility in my life! Can't wait to see how many more people get to encounter the same encouragement and truth! Thank you Bob!

Thank you, Bob

Bob Goff, you are an inspiration. This podcast is truly incredible. Thank you for helping me navigate my life.


When I read the title of today's podcast and that Richard Rohr was the guest speaker my heart sank. Sad to realize that this podcast and Bob are yet another gone woke. No original sin? Seriously?God forgive us! All the love in the world will not save ones soul.

A Joy to Listen to Each Week

Bob's enthusiasm is contagious and he meets people right where they are. His guests reflect how much he cares for others as well as his knowledge about what really matters.

Unkind to use someone else's podcast name

My review is solely based on the fact that this man who claims to be a Christian used the name of a podcast that already existed that is used by a child for her inspiring podcast. She has had her podcast since 2016 and all he had to do was look up the title to see if it already existed. I don't think this is a very kind or "Christian" thing to do if we want to go there and .... I do. By the way I have no affiliation with the other podcast other than I listen to it with my kids and I'm not happy with him using her podcast title.

Every Wednesday

Encouraging and inspiring

Stretching me weekly

I discovered this podcast a few months ago. I anxiously wait with anticipation each week to hear the message. I experience such a range of emotions from feeling awe inspired to dropping on my knees praying for direction. I'm going to The Oaks this weekend and can't wait to see where that takes me physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you so much for stretching me every week, day and minute.

Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends

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