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Hey It's The Luskos
Hey It's The Luskos

Hey It's The Luskos

Sit down with pastors and authors Levi and Jennie Lusko for an for an unfiltered look at the madness of the Lusko's life, marriage, ministry, faith, grief, and growth that goes on behind the scenes. (It may or may not include: product reviews, coffee recommendations, Disney hacks and all the things that make life wonderful). Hosted by Pastors of Fresh Life Church, and authors of best selling book Through The Eyes of a Lion, I Declare War, Swipe Right and The Fight to Flourish.

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Ep. 32: The Christmas Card Edition

A digital Christmas card wishing you a Merry Christmas from the entire Lusko family!

Previous Episodes

Ep. 31: Luskos Christmas Spectacular


Levi and Jennie sit down on their second to last episode of the season to talk podcasting, slowing down for Advent, and Christmas movies.  

Ep 30: A Conversation with Robert Fergusson


Join the Luskos for a conversation with Robert Fergusson of Hillsong church as they talk about Christmas, Winston Churchill, storytelling, and not that you don't always, but make sure to listen to the end as Jennie shares a really special moment!

Click HERE for Robert's book Are You Getting This?

Ep. 29: A Conversation with Pace & Sarah Hartfield

Levi and Jennie sit down with One Place Church Pastor Pace & his wife Sarah Hartfield.

Ep. 28: A Conversation with Lysa TerKeurst


Join the Luskos as they sit down with Lysa TerKeurst, author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries , to discuss her story.

Ep. 27: Pencils Down

Milk, crowd funding a coach, standardized testing, and the last chapter of through the eyes of a lion.

Ep. 26: Run Towards the Roar


Pig latin, wild drivers, facing your fears, and what running towards the roar means. 

Ep 25: A Conversation with Nick and Christine Caine


Join the Luskos for a fun and life giving conversation with Nick and Christine Caine about injuries, marriage, their anti-human trafficking organization A21 and so much more!

Ep 24: A Conversation with Andy Stanley

Morning routines, books, leadership, and a sneak peek at Andy's new book! Join the Luskos as they have a conversation with Andy Stanley author and head Pastor of North Point Community Church!

Ep 23: A Conversation with Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes Pt.2

Join the Luskos for part two of a conversation with Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes as they talk about writing, singing, and recording the blessing "The song of the pandemic".

Ep 22: A Conversation with Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes Pt.1

Join the Luskos for part one of a conversation with Kari and Cody about the pandemic, parenting, their story, and so much more!

Ep 21: A Conversation with Jungle Jack Hanna

Join the Luskos for a conversation with Jack and Suzi Hanna talking about bringing ducks to college, going to court, Jack sharing his never told secrets on how he got his wife, and more about their outdoor adventures!

Ep 20: A Conversation with Chad Veach

New book releases, church, parenting and so much more. Join us as we have a convo with Chad Veach author of several book including "help! I work with people and head pastor of Zoe church!

Ep 19: A Conversation with Fresh Life Worship

Join Levi and Jennie for a conversation with Fresh Life Worship on their brand new EP, Morning.

Ep 18: A Conversation with Scott and Brooke Ligertwood

Sit down with Scott and Brooke Ligertwood, Grammy award winning songwriter, speaker and worship leader and is the head of Hillsong Worship, for a conversation with the Luskos on songwriting, kids books, creativity, sitting in gratitude and celebrating God's goodness.

Ep 17: A Conversation with Carlos and Heather Whittaker


Ep 16: Bread and Circuses

Tik Tok, caffeine and morning routines, and how to stay focused when the devil tries to lull us to sleep by the things of this world.

Ep 15: A Conversation with Jentezen Franklin

Sit down with Levi, Jennie and Jentezen Franklin - New York Times best-selling author, and Senior Pastor of Free Chapel in Atlanta, GA - for a conversation on the power of prayer, strong parenting, and the secret to great hair.

Ep 14: A Conversation with Lisa Harper

Levi and Jennie sit down with the gifted and hilarious Lisa Harper - a communicator, leader, and author. They are talking all things from enneagram to camping vs. glamping, single motherhood in her fifties, and her adoption story of bringing home her daughter Missy from Haiti in 2014.

Ep 13: Homesickness: An Ache You Can't Shake


Audiobook Preview: Take Back Your Life


Take steps forward in taking back your life. With biblical truth and perspective, this book will help you:

  • Get out of your own way by learning to think right so you can live right.
  • Find purpose by discovering that God will do great things with your imperfect progress.

    Learn that your pain is not an obstacle to being used by God but an opportunity to be used like never before.
    Order Take Back Your Life (

Ep 12: Take Back Your Life


Life lessons from huckleberry picking, alternative milk options, hugging John Candy and how to recognize what's weighing you down, holding you back, and learn to think right so you can live right.

Take Back Your Life (https://levilusko.com/takebackyourlife)

  • Huckleberry picking
  • Milk that comes from not cows is what is in the Lusko's fridge
  • Magic spoon cereal
  • Chasing huckleberries series mention
  • Peace in the walks and being alone
  • Watching old classic movies with the kids
  • 40 day fast // 40 = testing

Ep 11: Pain Is A Microphone

Fighting for healthy rhythms of rest, using your pain as a platform, and how to view difficult seasons as defining moments.

Ep 10: A Conversation with Bob Goff


I don't need absolute clarity on many things, give me clarity on Jesus and the rest can be fuzzy, the rest is an adventure." We're talking buried pickle jars, ten-year-old adventures, marriage, parenting and how to dream big.
Dream Big: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-Big-Youre-Going-About/dp/1400219493
Bob Goff (@bobgoff)
Levi Lusko (levilusko.com / @levilusko)
Jennie Lusko (jennielusko.com / @jennielusko)
Fresh Life Church (freshlife.church / @freshlife) 

Ep 9: There's No Such Thing as a Wireless Anchor

Mario Kart, Recycling, dolphins, and holding tight to Jesus as the anchor for our souls.

Ep 8: A Conversation with Jeremy and Adrienne Camp

Hot wings, parenting, the pressure of the music industry, and how to keep your heart pure and remain anchored in the reminder that there is nothing good in us apart from Jesus.

Ep 7: A Little Bit of Grief, A Whole Lot of Hope

Inspiration, the key to creativity, and how Jesus turns off the darkness of death, despair, loneliness, suicide and grief. There is no corner of this universe so dark that he can't fill it with light.

Ep 6: Cue The Eagle

Grief and joy and the tension between child-like faith and a maturity walk with Jesus.

Ep 5: No Inhalers in Heaven


Lennox's Favorite Songs, staying positive during COVID-19, The Dust Bowl, and the power of filling your heart with worship.

Ep 4: Turn off The Dark


Disneyland, New York, Creativity, and how God gave us the strength to drive away from the hospital and preach a Christmas message the weekend our daughter Lenya went to Heaven. How do you navigate grief when there isn't a clean roadmap to follow?
-Turn Off The Dark message - (https://youtu.be/YA9aVITUBY8)
-Eyes of a Lion (https://levilusko.com/book/through-the-eyes-of-a-lion/)
-Levi Lusko (levilusko.com / @levilusko)
-Jennie Lusko (jennielusko.com / @jennielusko)
-Fresh Life Church (freshlife.church / @freshlife)

Levi and Jennie sit down for a conversation with Dr. Dharius Daniels, the Lead Pastor of Change Church; a vibrant ministry that impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and ethnic backgrounds. Listen in as they discuss God's heart on diversity and racial reconciliation.

Ep 2: Cows Die There


Spin class, movie references, the story of Fresh Life Church and God's will. What is God's will and how do you know if you are walking in it?
-Eyes of a Lion (https://levilusko.com/book/through-the-eyes-of-a-lion/)
-Levi Lusko (
levilusko.com / @levilusko)
-Jennie Lusko (
jennielusko.com / @jennielusko)
-Fresh Life Church (
freshlife.church / @freshlife)

Ep 1: Destined for Impact

What you start with, oftentimes you'll stick with. We're talking best coffee practices, intermittent fasting, and choosing to see life through a lens of faith. You can fight to see the possibility of your day over the way it feels. Episode Reference Links: -Eyes of a Lion (https://levilusko.com/book/through-the-eyes-of-a-lion/) -First Five App (https://first5.org) -YouVersion Bible App (https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/) -TTEOAL YouVersion plan (https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/2165-through-the-eyes-of-a-lion) -Levi Lusko (levilusko.com / @levilusko) -Jennie Lusko (jennielusko.com / @jennielusko) -Fresh Life Church (freshlife.church / @freshlife)

Ep 0: Introducing 'Hey It's The Luskos'

Levi and Jennie Lusko share a behind-the-scenes look into the madness of life, the beauty of ministry, and the hope of the gospel through unfiltered conversation. New episodes every Thursday starting May 21. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode.